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Tahitian Pearl from our blue lagoon in Rangiroa

Characteristic of Tahitian cultured pearls

Pearls are the only gems neither polished nor cut, they keep their natural-born aspect. So, Tahitian cultured pearls are the only pearls with such a large range of colors. The commercial appointment, “Cultured Pearl of Tahiti”, is strictly reserved for cultured pearls from grafting made in French Polynesia, on a pearl oyster Pinctada margaritifera, var. cumingui.

Collier de perles

Classification of Polynesian pearls

In Polynesia, several criteria determine the value of a cultured Tahitian pearl. Their size measured in diameter, their shape (round, baroque, semi-round, circled), or certain aspects such as quality dependent on the purity of the exterior surface and luster.


Natural colors of Tahitian Pearls

Tahitian cultured pearls feature the greatest and most diversified natural colors palette among all the categories of cultured pearls. Their natural colors are their chief assets and form a real added value. Generally, Tahitian cultured pearls feature a main color tinted with several color shades. The most common colors are black, grey, blue, green, purple and brown. Color shades may look pink, blue, golden, silvered. These color tones may vary from very light to very dark.


Clean and take care of your Tahitian Pearl

Such as every valuable object, pearls need much attention to keep their natural beauty over time. As such, it is important not to spray them with toilet water, perfume or any cleaning product. They can be cleaned after wearing them with a moist non-abrasive cloth ; as well, you can wash them in a gentle soap from time to time, then leaving them to dry on a soft towel. Furthermore, avoid mixing your pearls up with other jewels, they must not endure shocks. Be careful, unless it is specified, you should not use any cleaning product on cultured pearls. Avoid ultrasounds, vapors, detergents, baking soda, ammonia water, etc.

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The characteristics of Tahitian cultured pearls

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The history of the pearl in the world

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