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Tahitian Pearl

Polynesian pearl


Atolls, such as Rangiroa, are low islands formed of an exposed ring of coral encircling a lagoon, and present the ideal environment for pearl oysters... Read more...

Characteristic of Tahitian cultured pearls


Like every gemstone, a pearl requires much classification work before it can be commercialized... Read more...

Buy a jewel or a Pearl of Tahiti


Since pearl culture is a long, drawn-out task subject to the vagaries of the weather, mass pearl production is pretty much impossible. Every pearl is unique with its very own features, in the same way as the oyster it came from... Read more...

Clean and take care your jewel or your Pearl of Tahiti


Such as every valuable object, pearls need much attention to keep their natural beauty over time... Read more...

Way of the Tahitian Pearl


Here below is a sum up of the long way from the pearl oyster to the pearl, to the pieces of jewellery. Read more...

Tahitian Pearl