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Rangiroa Pearl Farm

Guided tour of the Rangiroa's pearl farm


Discover how pearl oysters produce pearls. Meanwhile, you will be explained the whole process and anytime during the year, you can watch either the grafting procedure or the pearl harvest, or even both sometimes.Read more...

The shop of the pearl farm


Gauguin's Pearl invites you to a guided tour of the Rangiroa’s pearl farm. While you are still offered the chance to buy our Tahitian pearls directly inside our pearl farm’s store.Read more...

Our philosophy


When we chose to set up in the greatest lagoon in Polynesia, we opted on purpose for a semi-extensive aquaculture. It led to spaced out pearl oysters farming structures.Read more...

The crew of the pearl farm


The Gauguin’s Pearl farm is located between three different atolls, namely Rangiroa, Manihi and Ahe. The three of them are in the northwestern part of the Tuamotu Archipelago.Read more...

Social activity around Rangiroa’s pearl farm


The Rangiroa's pearl farm, Gauguin's Pearl has a Facebook page to share what happens in the pearl farm and in Rangiroa... Read more...

What they say about us !

Rangiroa Pearl Farm