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Boutique of Rangiroa’s pearl farm

Gauguin's Pearl invites you to a guided tour of the Rangiroa’s pearl farm. While you are still offered the chance to buy our Tahitian pearls directly inside our pearl farm’s store.


Boutique Open

Tahitain shop pearl farm is open weekdays until saturday. (The store is closed on Sundays and public holidays.)

Monday to friday

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Gauguin’s Pearl store features

Our store provides you with a large selection of Tahitian pearls, exclusively coming from our own pearl farm.

Inside the store or during the tour, you will be presented a detailed explanation of the Tahitian pearls grading system. Through the wide variety of pearls in the store, you will have an unbounded choice about various possibilities for shape, size and colors. Every harvested pearl is naturally unique.

Once your ideal pearl elected, you will have the option to choose a setting, which will eventually lead to a jewel. Our experts will help you with your choice and will create, in just a few minutes, the jewel of your dreams.

Manapearl Tahiti

And if you do not have the good luck to visit Rangiroa, you still can go to the Manapearl Tahiti store, in Papeete, on the island of Tahiti. This is the company in charge of the delivery of the pearls from our farm. For this occasion, you can, if you like, know better the classification and the valuation techniques of Tahitian pearls.


Rangiroa Pearl Farm